BAK Skincare has been acquired

Thanks to the groundbreaking nature of our probiotic and postbiotic science, we've been acquired. It's a huge step forward for the field of probiotic skincare, that promises to bring the benefits of live bacteria to the world.

We're so grateful to all of you who have bought BAK and supported us along the way, and it's our number one priority that you get all the skincare you want before we close down.

Below are some of the most common questions we’re getting, but feel free to contact us at if the answer you’re seeking is not listed below.



If you have received an order confirmation e-mail, your order has been registered and will be sent this week or next week.

The delay is caused by having an incredible numbers of orders come in, and the warehouse also being closed over the Danish Easter holidays. We're really sorry for the delay, but please know the warehouse are working as quickly as they can. 

When can you expect to get your orders delivered?

Orders from 24/03

Delivery estimate: 12/04-16/04


Orders from 25/03-27/03

Delivery estimate: 16/04-18/04


Orders from 28/03-2/04

Delivery estimate: 18/04-22/04


Orders from 3/04-4/04

Delivery estimate: 22/04-24/04



International orders will take a bit longer depending on the shipping destination.



The products all have a best before date printed on the bottom of the box. We’ve also listed the expiration date on the product page of each product so you know how long you have before the product expires.



You can still write to us at after April 5th. However, we will no longer offer the 30-day money back guarantee, and in the case of faulty or damaged products we may not be able to replace the product but only offer you a refund.


  • The microbiome is your body's microscopic friends. More precisely, the microbiome is the total gene pool of all the microorganisms that live on and in your body. Most of these live in the intestines, but many also live elsewhere on the body, including the skin and vagina. Altogether, these microorganisms represent more than 50% of the total cells in your body. A few are harmful (pathogens), but the vast majority are either harmless or downright essential to you and your health (probiotic).

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  • The official definition of "Probiotic" was published in 2001 by a UN/WHO expert panel and defined as: "live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host".

    Alright, so what does that mean?

    Live microorganisms
    This refers to the probiotic bacteria which in itself is a microorganism. "Live" is essential here since some of the benefits of probiotics derive from the bacteria being alive when you as a consumer receive the product. Not just when the product is manufactured. The bacteria may die before you receive and start using it. It's a tough task keeping the bacteria alive all the way through production, warehousing, delivery as well as on the shelf in your home.

    Adequate amounts
    It's crucial that the amount of bacteria is sufficient to make a difference. Our products contain 10^8 CFU (colony forming units) per milliliter of probiotic oil or serum. This means that each milliliter in the product contains 100.000.000 bacteria (100 million), which we through our studies know is sufficient.

    Health benefit
    You can easily cover your body in bacteria by going outside and laying in the grass. There's plenty of bacteria there. But does it have any positive impact on your body? To fulfill the definition of 'Probiotic', the specific living microorganism added to the product must have demonstrated a positive health benefit for the host.

    The host
    That's you :)

    ... or any other person or animal using the probiotic.

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  • Generally, yes.

    Your body and skin are a complex system. Typically people with specific problems will experience results quicker. However, even if you're not struggling with specific problems, it makes sense to continuously strengthen your microbiome to maintain balance, since problems often correlate with imbalances. Imbalances can be caused by a range of endogenous and exotengous variations ranging from diet and lifestyle to birth control pills, antibiotic treatments, and more.

  • Great question!

    The latest research underline that the skin's health and apperance is correlated with the balance of the skin's microbiome. The live, probiotic bacteria in our products are specifically chosen to help with the imbalances that can lead to dry, irritated and itchy skin, redness, pimples and impurities.

  • That all bacteria are dangerous is one of the biggest misunderstandings of our time. Of the millions of known bacteria that exist, the scientific field have found less than a 100 that are pathogenic (harmful). The vast majority of the bacteria that live on and within us are harmless or even essential to basic human physiology like digesting our food, the function of our immune system or creating a protective barrier.

  • Yes.

    Probiotic lactic acid bacteria like the ones we use are a natural part of the skin and body and constitue an important part of the immune system. When applied, they support and supplement your microbiome's natural diversity.

    Our probiotic strains are on EU's QPS list (Qualified Presumption of Safety) and on the US' GRAS (Generally regard as Safe).

    Additionally, all products are natural, organic and perfume-free.

  • Yes.

    All topical products can be used while pregnant or breastfeeding, but not the oral supplement. The concept behind our brand is to discover optimal solutions, derived from nature, to develop effective products that are good for you without compromising the health of your skin or body.

  • No.

    We never add perfume to our products.

  • LB244R® and PROBIKARIA™ are isolated from fermented cabbage
    LB356® is isolated from fermented beetroot
    LB714® and LB606® are isolated from healthy humans

  • Yes, you can.

    For oily skin a "dry oil" or quickly absorbed oil are typically recommended.

    Especially Jojoba Oil, which we use in most products, is highly effective for people with pimples, impurities and oily skin. It is the natural oil that resembles the skin's own sebum the most. Many experience a cleansing effect from jojoba oil as well as balancing of the skin's own production of excess sebum which makes the skin less oily after use.

  • No, we don't offer a satisfaction guarantee on purchases made after March 19th 2024.

  • Because most of our products contain live bacteria you should consider how they are stored and pay attention to their expiration date.

    You will find storage instructions on each product's outer and inner packaging, so please read it when you first receive your product.

    When you start using probiotic products it can be stored at room temperature for ~3 months without loosing effect. This does not apply to prebiotic or postbiotic products.

    If you don't expect to use the product within ~3 months it is a good idea to keep the product refrigerated. Some of our products may become more viscous when kept at low temperatures, but this does not impact their efficacy. Just let it warm up to room temperature before squeezing the tube too hard.

    Click the "read more" button below to see an overview of all the BAK products and their storage instructions.

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  • Each individual product page contains instructions for use, just scroll down past the ingredient list.

  • Go here :)

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  • BAK Skincare is available through various dermatologists and clinics in the U.S. Click "read more" below to be redirected to our distributor's website.

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  • We've been struggling to find a reliable and timely delivery partner for the UK for some time, but unfortunately too many deliveries are very late or getting stuck in customs.

    It's frustrating for our customers and raises concerns about whether the probiotics have survived outside of the frige for the many days the product took to arrive. Hence, we've been forced to stop shipping to the UK. We're very sorry to leave our UK customers without BAK, and hope that you can find another great skincare brand locally.


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